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May 21, 2015, 10:54:08 AM
Heh, sorry. Been busy working. I have only been online couple times a week at most.


May 20, 2015, 08:49:35 PM
I never get the chance of spotting you online on steam kamiqawa :o


May 20, 2015, 08:05:46 PM
Sure thing.


May 20, 2015, 03:20:18 PM
I have informed Predz as well as Mahi, I am sure Mahi can let you in on it as it as well Kamiqawa, I don't have it written down at the moment, and there are quite a few cons, I hope it's okay :)


May 19, 2015, 08:33:38 PM
Yeah I too was wondering what did you refer with the "heavy minus" with custom textures? Can't get on steam for now so would appreciate if someone could update me here or via PM :)


May 19, 2015, 03:46:05 PM
Yes, of course I can, I have written it to Predz just now, however when I was invited to the chcat yesterday I was already asleep :p


May 19, 2015, 12:03:19 PM
Hey Manifest, you have stated multiple times that there are downsides to using customized textures, but could you explain to us what those are so that we can consider it properly?

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20 Apr 2013 - WCS 0.78.6b

    Warcraft:Source - Orange Box (Python Edition)

    Windows: EventScripts, Source Python Extensions
    Linux: EventScripts, MetaMod:Source, SourceMod

    Click here to download.

    Extract requirements into cstrike folder
    Extract wcs zip content into cstrike folder and add following code to cfg/autoexec.cfg: es_load wcs

    Edit wcs settings: addons/eventscripts/wcs/config/config.cfg (generated after 1st load of wcs)
    Edit races, items & categories: addons/eventscripts/wcs/ini/
    Edit ultimates: addons/eventscripts/wcs/tools/ultimates/

Quote from: wcs 0.78.6
Version v0.78.6b
[Fixed] rotd
[Fixed] events
[Fixed] setfx

Version v0.78.6a
[Added] Ability strings in addons/ability.
[Added] Ultimate strings in addons/ultimate.
[Added] healtrap now restores health.
[Added] Keynfo now multi language. Added labels to strings. Recoded. (Cycles off when unloading wcs)
[Added] Recoded levelbank. Add sent levels. Recoded menu and strings. Add strings to strings.ini (lb: x, x - (0,8)). Add new command 'lb'
[Added] multixp: added the possibility of fractional rate value experience
[Added] rotd recoded to python
[Added] file menu.ini (core/changerace). Multi language menu.
[Added] file menu.ini (core/wcsmenu). Multi language menu.
[Added] file menu.ini (core/wcstop). Multi language menu. Recoded.
[Added] file menu.ini (core/raceinfo). Multi language menu. Recoded. List races.
[Added] file menu.ini (core/playerinfo). Multi language menu. Recoded. new info.
[Added] file menu.ini (core/shopinfo). Multi language menu. Recoded.
[Added] file menu.ini (core/shopmenu). Multi language menu.
[Added] file menu.ini (core/spendskills). Multi language menu.
[Added] changerace: multiple category pages
[Added] wcstop: return to wcsmenu
[Added] raceinfo: return to wcsmenu
[Added] changerace: return to wcsmenu
[Added] shopinfo: return to wcsmenu
[Added] shopmenu: return to wcsmenu
[Added] setfx: recoded. Add wcs_anti (es wcs_anti <1/0>)
[Added] setfx: added noclip, antihead, climb.
[Added] setfx: evasion new code. Requires spe. If not, then standart evasion.
[Added] new command wcs_ability
[Added] changerace_mode: recoded
[Added] New variable resetcooldown
[Added] Heal, trap ward recoded.
[Added] removed arguments target, targeten, wcs_wardenround
[Added] giveitem: added check for item.
[Added] restrictmap/teamlimit - add strings to strings.ini
[Added] tools/restrict - new restrict (only windows)
[Added] The restrict map on the prefix maps
[Added] est_effect plugin
[Added] wcs_setpos - alternative es_setpos
[Added] new events
[Fixed] Message main: siteadvert
[Fixed] Say "1" opening menu changerace
[Fixed] change race on 8/9
[Fixed] other: Delete unnecessary import modules
[Fixed] items: anti
[Fixed] est_Effect to est_effect
[Removed] addons/wce
[Removed] addons/cmdskills
[Removed] Strings levelbank/match
[Removed] tools/firefix. Load firefix in tools.cfg. Load firefix in
Please post comments, bugs or suggestion on the WCS Race Checker...

Requirements: Microsoft .NET Framework Version 4.0 Client Profile - Download Link

Current Version: 0.2.9
Last Update: 2/09/2012
Download: Attachment

0.1.2 - 2/9/2011
+ Added a status icon displaying the current race file status (Hetal)

0.1.3 - 2/24/2011
+ Added a "New" menu option (Suggested by La Muerte)
+ Added support for nested quotes
+ Added settings file

- Removed output box
* Implemented new token bounds system
* Implemented new text reader class
* Fixed accidentally saving the output box's text to the file instead of the input
* Fixed a quote infinite loop due to and end of the file

0.1.4 - 3/5/2011
+ Added a "Go To Line" menu option
+ Added a crash window

* Refractored Code
* Improved tool-tip

0.1.5 - 3/7/2011
+ Added a warning for races with the same name
+ Added errors for duplicate properties and sections
+ Added a confirmation when closing the window by clicking the (X)
+ Added a setting for determining how fast the textbox scrolls with the mouse wheel ("UI.ScrollMultiplier", default is 5 lines)

* Refactored code
* Renamed setting "Validation.PrintAllMissingProps" to "Validation.WarnAllMissingProps"
* Implemented a new error/warning managing system (we'll see how well this works)
* Fixed not noticing extra brackets around a race header
* Fixed a error with calculating the length of a section definition (would include the spaces/newlines after the section)

0.1.6 - 3/8/2011
+ Added support for checking if properties are missing on skill sub sections (skill1,skill2,etc..)
+ Added a new tooltip system

* Fixed not changing the status icon when there are just warnings and no errors
* Fixed not reporting an error when spawncmd, preloadcmd, etc... are missing

0.1.7 - 3/27/2011
+ Added a options dialog (not all settings have been added to the dialog yet)
+ Added an info tooltip that provides info on the current state of the file
+ Added Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy, Paste, Select All, and Delete item in the Edit menu
+ Added a warning for having two skilldesc values being the same (second won't be shown in WCS)
+ Added an error when code is longer than 512 charcters (512 is the WCS max)

* Refactored lexing stage, greatly improves adding new features/maintaining
* Slightly optimized certain things
* Fixed reporting setting = "" as an error (also with setting = "0")
* Corrected the method of parsing quotes to be more correct in terms of the WCS method
* Fixed being able to undo highlighting
* Fixed miscounting the number of defined skills when a race has a invalid skill section
* Fixed crash on having a "#" character at the end of the file

0.1.8 - 4/3/2011
+ Added a tools menu
+ Added a clunky Race Gaps tool to see the level differences between races (Tools -> Race Gaps) (Suggested by Lukas320)
+ Added a defined & valid races count to the info tooltip
+ Added a check for duplicate racealiases
+ Added a check to make sure numbers are in the skillneeded property
+ Added an option to control where the status overlay is shown
+ Now hides the info link when hiding the status icon

* Fixed the options window showing up in the taskbar
* Fixed the info tooltip showing up in taskbar

0.1.9 - 4/4/2011
+ Added a feature to go to the beginning of text when the home key is pressed (skips the spaces the first time pressed)
* Fixed the status overlay gaining focus when it is shown for the first time
* Fixed the info tooltip gaining focus when shown
* Fixed some problems related to the unexpected end of a file
* Fixed a problem that stopped the text box from scrolling to a specific line
* Fixed a problem where identifiers were being cut off by one letter if they were at the end of the file
* Fixed a problem where headers were being cut off by one letter if they were are the end of the file

0.2.0 - 4/15/2011
+ Added a View menu
+ Added the ability to zoom the main text box, zoom is saved
+ Added a Find dialog (Edit -> Find or Ctrl + F)
+ Added a Zoom menu in the new View menu to control the zoom of the textbox
+ Added a Mark Problems option in the new View menu to disable highlighting errors for speed (info shows on mouse over)

* Made the Race Gaps window use the application icon instead of the default C# icon
* Made the Race Gaps window show in the center of the main window instead of at some random position

0.2.1 - 5/11/2011
* Made teamlimit required. (In the new wcs update this is required, it'll cause a lot of errors in existing race files)

0.2.2 - 5/22/2011
+ Switched to WPF
+ Added line numbers
+ Added automatic parsing (parses as you type)
+ Added a status bar
+ Added a check to validate skillcfg values (Suggested by 朱染 心愛)

* Remade UI
- Have yet to implement a crash screen into the new version so that is lost for now
- Have yet to implement a options window into the new version so that is lost for now
- Have yet to implement the race gap tool into the new version so that is lost for now

0.2.3 - 5/26/2011
+ Added some text to the right side of the status bar that has various info
+ Added a toolbar
+ Added previous & next problem buttons
+ Added a command blacklist (defined in cmdblacklist.txt on a seperate line as {cmd}={msg})
+ Added a check for cooldown when the skill is player_ultimate
+ Reimplemented a crash screen

* Fixed a error where it showed the properties name instead of the type
* Made it confirm changing the file when there is text in the box and has yet to be saved to a file
* Made all code checking go through one place for use with future code features
* Slightly optimized the problem highlighting code

0.2.4 - 6/11/2011
+ Added support for a setting to enable or disable the black list
+ Added a replace function to the find window
+ Added a wrap around option to the find window
+ Added a regex option to the find window for use in finding things with regex expressions
+ Added support for quoteing numbers that are supposed to be strings (for cooldown's mostly)
+ Reimplemented an alert when closing the application with text in the editor (deathkilla5656 reminded me)

* Fixed the window always maximizing on the primary monitor if it was maximized when closed last on another monitor
* Fixed a threading issue where jumping to a problem while its parsing can cause a crash on occasion
* Fixed a crash in the Find window related to changing the document length after starting a search
* Fixed the find window saying "FindWindow" in the title bar

0.2.5 - 7/9/2011
+ Added a Tools menu
+ Added a Format menu item to the new Tools menu
+ Reimplemented the Race Gaps tool
+ Now scrolls horizontally to show errors instead of just up and down

* Unexpected things after a property value no longer invalidates the entire property
* Various other changes

0.2.6 - 8/14/2011
+ Added a (private) flag on the Race Gaps tool if the race is private (Suggested by Lukas320)
* Text in the race gap window is no longer editable
* Changed the open file dialog's default filter to .ini files
* Fixed the format file tool leaving new lines at the end of the file
* Fixed the format tool causing errors with strings that started with single quotes
* Fixed end of file crash with quotes
* Fixed possible crash on right clicking an error and not finding a section
* Fixed the program saving a settings.ini file where the race file is instead of where the application is
* Fixed more crashes with properties being unexpected types
* Cleaned up code

0.2.7 - 9/14/2011
+ Added support for the optional "maximumlevel" property
+ Added support for forma
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