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can anyone help me with installing WCS CSS so i could play it on LAN server?

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20 Apr 2013 - WCS 0.78.6b

    Warcraft:Source - Orange Box (Python Edition)

    Windows: EventScripts, Source Python Extensions
    Linux: EventScripts, MetaMod:Source, SourceMod

    Click here to download.

    Extract requirements into cstrike folder
    Extract wcs zip content into cstrike folder and add following code to cfg/autoexec.cfg: es_load wcs

    Edit wcs settings: addons/eventscripts/wcs/config/config.cfg (generated after 1st load of wcs)
    Edit races, items & categories: addons/eventscripts/wcs/ini/
    Edit ultimates: addons/eventscripts/wcs/tools/ultimates/

Quote from: wcs 0.78.6
Version v0.78.6b
[Fixed] rotd
[Fixed] events
[Fixed] setfx

Version v0.78.6a
[Added] Ability strings in addons/ability.
[Added] Ultimate strings in addons/ultimate.
[Added] healtrap now restores health.
[Added] Keynfo now multi language. Added labels to strings. Recoded. (Cycles off when unloading wcs)
[Added] Recoded levelbank. Add sent levels. Recoded menu and strings. Add strings to strings.ini (lb: x, x - (0,8)). Add new command 'lb'
[Added] multixp: added the possibility of fractional rate value experience
[Added] rotd recoded to python
[Added] file menu.ini (core/changerace). Multi language menu.
[Added] file menu.ini (core/wcsmenu). Multi language menu.
[Added] file menu.ini (core/wcstop). Multi language menu. Recoded.
[Added] file menu.ini (core/raceinfo). Multi language menu. Recoded. List races.
[Added] file menu.ini (core/playerinfo). Multi language menu. Recoded. new info.
[Added] file menu.ini (core/shopinfo). Multi language menu. Recoded.
[Added] file menu.ini (core/shopmenu). Multi language menu.
[Added] file menu.ini (core/spendskills). Multi language menu.
[Added] changerace: multiple category pages
[Added] wcstop: return to wcsmenu
[Added] raceinfo: return to wcsmenu
[Added] changerace: return to wcsmenu
[Added] shopinfo: return to wcsmenu
[Added] shopmenu: return to wcsmenu
[Added] setfx: recoded. Add wcs_anti (es wcs_anti <1/0>)
[Added] setfx: added noclip, antihead, climb.
[Added] setfx: evasion new code. Requires spe. If not, then standart evasion.
[Added] new command wcs_ability
[Added] changerace_mode: recoded
[Added] New variable resetcooldown
[Added] Heal, trap ward recoded.
[Added] removed arguments target, targeten, wcs_wardenround
[Added] giveitem: added check for item.
[Added] restrictmap/teamlimit - add strings to strings.ini
[Added] tools/restrict - new restrict (only windows)
[Added] The restrict map on the prefix maps
[Added] est_effect plugin
[Added] wcs_setpos - alternative es_setpos
[Added] new events
[Fixed] Message main: siteadvert
[Fixed] Say "1" opening menu changerace
[Fixed] change race on 8/9
[Fixed] other: Delete unnecessary import modules
[Fixed] items: anti
[Fixed] est_Effect to est_effect
[Removed] addons/wce
[Removed] addons/cmdskills
[Removed] Strings levelbank/match
[Removed] tools/firefix. Load firefix in tools.cfg. Load firefix in
Please post comments, bugs or suggestion on the WCS Race Checker...

Requirements: Microsoft .NET Framework Version 4.0 Client Profile - Download Link

Current Version: 0.2.9
Last Update: 2/09/2012
Download: Attachment

0.1.2 - 2/9/2011
+ Added a status icon displaying the current race file status (Hetal)

0.1.3 - 2/24/2011
+ Added a "New" menu option (Suggested by La Muerte)
+ Added support for nested quotes
+ Added settings file

- Removed output box
* Implemented new token bounds system
* Implemented new text reader class
* Fixed accidentally saving the output box's text to the file instead of the input
* Fixed a quote infinite loop due to and end of the file

0.1.4 - 3/5/2011
+ Added a "Go To Line" menu option
+ Added a crash window

* Refractored Code
* Improved tool-tip

0.1.5 - 3/7/2011
+ Added a warning for races with the same name
+ Added errors for duplicate properties and sections
+ Added a confirmation when closing the window by clicking the (X)
+ Added a setting for determining how fast the textbox scrolls with the mouse wheel ("UI.ScrollMultiplier", default is 5 lines)

* Refactored code
* Renamed setting "Validation.PrintAllMissingProps" to "Validation.WarnAllMissingProps"
* Implemented a new error/warning managing system (we'll see how well this works)
* Fixed not noticing extra brackets around a race header
* Fixed a error with calculating the length of a section definition (would include the spaces/newlines after the section)

0.1.6 - 3/8/2011
+ Added support for checking if properties are missing on skill sub sections (skill1,skill2,etc..)
+ Added a new tooltip system

* Fixed not changing the status icon when there are just warnings and no errors
* Fixed not reporting an error when spawncmd, preloadcmd, etc... are missing

0.1.7 - 3/27/2011
+ Added a options dialog (not all settings have been added to the dialog yet)
+ Added an info tooltip that provides info on the current state of the file
+ Added Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy, Paste, Select All, and Delete item in the Edit menu
+ Added a warning for having two skilldesc values being the same (second won't be shown in WCS)
+ Added an error when code is longer than 512 charcters (512 is the WCS max)

* Refactored lexing stage, greatly improves adding new features/maintaining
* Slightly optimized certain things
* Fixed reporting setting = "" as an error (also with setting = "0")
* Corrected the method of parsing quotes to be more correct in terms of the WCS method
* Fixed being able to undo highlighting
* Fixed miscounting the number of defined skills when a race has a invalid skill section
* Fixed crash on having a "#" character at the end of the file

0.1.8 - 4/3/2011
+ Added a tools menu
+ Added a clunky Race Gaps tool to see the level differences between races (Tools -> Race Gaps) (Suggested by Lukas320)
+ Added a defined & valid races count to the info tooltip
+ Added a check for duplicate racealiases
+ Added a check to make sure numbers are in the skillneeded property
+ Added an option to control where the status overlay is shown
+ Now hides the info link when hiding the status icon

* Fixed the options window showing up in the taskbar
* Fixed the info tooltip showing up in taskbar

0.1.9 - 4/4/2011
+ Added a feature to go to the beginning of text when the home key is pressed (skips the spaces the first time pressed)
* Fixed the status overlay gaining focus when it is shown for the first time
* Fixed the info tooltip gaining focus when shown
* Fixed some problems related to the unexpected end of a file
* Fixed a problem that stopped the text box from scrolling to a specific line
* Fixed a problem where identifiers were being cut off by one letter if they were at the end of the file
* Fixed a problem where headers were being cut off by one letter if they were are the end of the file

0.2.0 - 4/15/2011
+ Added a View menu
+ Added the ability to zoom the main text box, zoom is saved
+ Added a Find dialog (Edit -> Find or Ctrl + F)
+ Added a Zoom menu in the new View menu to control the zoom of the textbox
+ Added a Mark Problems option in the new View menu to disable highlighting errors for speed (info shows on mouse over)

* Made the Race Gaps window use the application icon instead of the default C# icon
* Made the Race Gaps window show in the center of the main window instead of at some random position

0.2.1 - 5/11/2011
* Made teamlimit required. (In the new wcs update this is required, it'll cause a lot of errors in existing race files)

0.2.2 - 5/22/2011
+ Switched to WPF
+ Added line numbers
+ Added automatic parsing (parses as you type)
+ Added a status bar
+ Added a check to validate skillcfg values (Suggested by 朱染 心愛)

* Remade UI
- Have yet to implement a crash screen into the new version so that is lost for now
- Have yet to implement a options window into the new version so that is lost for now
- Have yet to implement the race gap tool into the new version so that is lost for now

0.2.3 - 5/26/2011
+ Added some text to the right side of the status bar that has various info
+ Added a toolbar
+ Added previous & next problem buttons
+ Added a command blacklist (defined in cmdblacklist.txt on a seperate line as {cmd}={msg})
+ Added a check for cooldown when the skill is player_ultimate
+ Reimplemented a crash screen

* Fixed a error where it showed the properties name instead of the type
* Made it confirm changing the file when there is text in the box and has yet to be saved to a file
* Made all code checking go through one place for use with future code features
* Slightly optimized the problem highlighting code

0.2.4 - 6/11/2011
+ Added support for a setting to enable or disable the black list
+ Added a replace function to the find window
+ Added a wrap around option to the find window
+ Added a regex option to the find window for use in finding things with regex expressions
+ Added support for quoteing numbers that are supposed to be strings (for cooldown's mostly)
+ Reimplemented an alert when closing the application with text in the editor (deathkilla5656 reminded me)

* Fixed the window always maximizing on the primary monitor if it was maximized when closed last on another monitor
* Fixed a threading issue where jumping to a problem while its parsing can cause a crash on occasion
* Fixed a crash in the Find window related to changing the document length after starting a search
* Fixed the find window saying "FindWindow" in the title bar

0.2.5 - 7/9/2011
+ Added a Tools menu
+ Added a Format menu item to the new Tools menu
+ Reimplemented the Race Gaps tool
+ Now scrolls horizontally to show errors instead of just up and down

* Unexpected things after a property value no longer invalidates the entire property
* Various other changes

0.2.6 - 8/14/2011
+ Added a (private) flag on the Race Gaps tool if the race is private (Suggested by Lukas320)
* Text in the race gap window is no longer editable
* Changed the open file dialog's default filter to .ini files
* Fixed the format file tool leaving new lines at the end of the file
* Fixed the format tool causing errors with strings that started with single quotes
* Fixed end of file crash with quotes
* Fixed possible crash on right clicking an error and not finding a section
* Fixed the program saving a settings.ini file where the race file is instead of where the application is
* Fixed more crashes with properties being unexpected types
* Cleaned up code

0.2.7 - 9/14/2011
+ Added support for the optional "maximumlevel" property
+ Added support for forma
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