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Title: [Race Package] Holliday Races (Part 2)
Post by: Manifest on December 10, 2020, 03:08:07 PM
[Race Package]
- Holliday Races (Part 2) -

Installation Guide & Requirements:
All information about requirements and how to install this package can be found at the GitHub link below:

What is this package?
This is a content package for ThaPwned's version of Warcraft-Source (https://github.com/ThaPwned/WCS).
The package contains multiple reworked/revamped races, a list of the races can be found on the package's GitHub page.

What do the reworks/remasters/revamps entail?
Every single of these races will:
- Have been rewritten to use the block format style.
- Have at least 1 visual effect per race.
- Have logging implemented for every event and skill used by the race.
- Have been balanced to somewhat align with my other released content.
- Sometimes have one or more bugs or errors fixed.

Reporting Bugs & Issues:
Have you found a bug, an error or, an issue while using this package?
Then please report your findings either here on this thread, or at Warcraft-Source Official Discord Server (https://discord.gg/zYASbKz).
Alternatively, you can create an issue on the package's Github page.

NOTE: Please refrain from posting stuff that is already listed in the Known Bugs & Issues section on the package's GitHub page.

Updates & Support:
The reason why the race package has to be downloaded from GitHub is that I intend to provide long-term support on the released content.
If a bug, error, or issue is reported then I will test it, and create a solution.
A fix will then be added to the package and it will be uploaded and the version number will be updated.
To always stay up to date, I recommend joining the Official Warcraft-Source Discord (https://discord.gg/zYASbKz).

Need help?
Are you experiencing trouble installing this package? Or just have questions you cannot find the answers to here?
If so then post a reply here, you can also join Warcraft-Source's Discord Server to get help faster.
Title: Re: [Race Package] Holliday Races (Part 2)
Post by: HOLLIDAY on March 17, 2021, 08:40:16 AM
Nice work!!!

you got a lot of my early copy and paste races in there.

if you got them at least 50% working then you did better than i originally did, lol.

i do not remember Aura Master at all.

i see some nice changes you made.

makes me want to buy a nice computer and install it all and try them out.
Title: Re: [Race Package] Holliday Races (Part 2)
Post by: Manifest on March 17, 2021, 09:15:50 AM
Hi Holliday!  :D

It sure has been a while mate!
I hope you are doing well, and all is good on your end. :)

I went through quite a lot of browsing in the old forums dating back to the original WC:S release by Kryptonite in order to find all the race contents you had made, it was a hassle but definitely worth it for the community. :)

As far as I am concerned they are all 100% working, I've implemented logging in to all of the race package projects that I've either remastered/reworked/revamped in order to track any errors that may occur. I recently pushed out a HUGE update, you should definitely give them a try. I would love to get your opinion on the reworks and all feedback would be more than welcomed with open arms. If there'd be anything differing too far from what you originally intended with a race I'd happily make the changes as well, I've tried to make them stay true to the original design concepts, but it is no easy feat. :)

To be completely honest here, Aura Master may not even be your race. A lot of people reposted races or created their own using some premade skills or visuals, and something that happened a lot was that people would post these races and have you in the author note. :P
I've done a lot double-checking overall to ensure to the right authors would get credited for the work, but I won't leave out that there is a slight chance this might've not been a race of yours. ???

On a side note, I noticed you joined the Warcraft-Source discord server; https://discord.gg/zYASbKz
But it seems like you never got a role in there so content wasn't visible for you, I've gone ahead and given you the roles so you can see the discord channels.
Updates to the modification and content, chat amongst new and old users it is all there and still very active. You should drop by and say hello I'm sure you'd be surprised at how much has changed yet also at how much still remain the same :D
Title: Re: [Race Package] Holliday Races (Part 2)
Post by: Manifest on April 23, 2021, 10:22:02 AM
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