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Author Topic: [Addon] Gold Mod for WCS GO  (Read 668 times)

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[Addon] Gold Mod for WCS GO
« on: January 06, 2018, 02:30:18 AM »
Gold Mod for WCS:GO

This is a remake of HOLLIDAY's GoldMod that works with my version of WCS for Counterstrike: Source & Global Offensive.


Kill players and earn gold to buy new items provided via the goldshop menu.


Code: [Select]
sp plugin load goldmod
es_load goldmod/goldblocks
es_load goldmod/goldevents

Content and Commands:

  • source-python/plugins/goldmod/items/ - Here you can find all the items currently available
  • source-python/plugins/goldmod/admins/ - Here you can set the admin flags

Code: [Select]
goldshop - Opens the shop
showgold - Shows your gold in the chat
showplayergold - Opens a menu which shows every online players gold
showgolditems - Opens a menu which stores all your active items
goldadmin - Opens the goldshop admin menu

gold_remove_item <userid> <item> - This will remove an item from a player. <item> means the name of the item inside the [ ] in the items.ini
wcs_givegold <userid> <amount> - Gives the player gold

wcs_create_fire <x> <y> <z> <size> <duration> - Creates an env_fire which does damage
poison_smoke <x> <y> <z> <userid> <range> <damage> <delay> <duration> - Creates an area of effect which does the given amount of damage


You can find the config file under csgo/cfg/source-python/goldmod.cfg

Code: [Select]
// Default Value: "15"
   gold_per_kill "15"

// Default Value: "5"
   gold_per_headshot "5"

// Default Value: "5"
   gold_per_knife "5"

If you want to change the cost and kill requirements for items you can go to the items.ini and look for those values:

Code: [Select]
cost = "500"  - This definse the cost in gold of the item
required = "5" - This definse the kills you need to have (collected kills, not in the current round)
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Re: [Addon] Gold Mod for WCS GO
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Wow nice work!