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well well well, look what the Cat dragged in


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Thank you Ayuto and Predz. I tested it and played a couple maps with the default class. No problems yet! Great work! Time for me to start pushing out some races!


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Okay. Fixed it! :P

Say thanks to Ayuto for making me rethink what was wrong ;)

Look here for the fix:


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Wait a second, I think I am being stupid :P We shall see because I am gonna test something :D


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What? That line is crashing? :O

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08 Dec 2015 - Warcraft GO v0.3.0.beta

Warcraft GO v0.3.0.beta

    Warcraft GO Edition designed by Predz and Mahi. Built upon the Source.Python plugin to be a huge upgrade to the old versions of WCS, works for CS:S and CS:GO.

    EasyPlayer Package

    v0.3.0.beta Release

    Drag all content from zip/rar into the csgo directory.
    Add "sp load wcgo" to your server.cfg or autoexec.cfg.
    If you're having problems, watch Mahi's video tutorial to make sure you did everything right before asking for more help.

    Edit the file to your preferences.
    Add custom heroes/items into their respective folders.
    Customize hero categories, levels, etc.

    Manifest for him coding the effects, and supplying my test servers.

    If you don't want people to use them then add an underscore (_) to the beginning of the Python file's name.
    The "models" dictionary supplied with this version auto-precaches everything. So just retrieving the item from the dictionary is enough.

Change Log:
    v 0.3.0.beta
    - Added support translations (special thanks to @satoon101 for most of the work) as well as English and Finnish translations
    - Fixed all the XP and level displays where `max_level` was set to `None` and thus it would display `X/None` instead of just `X`
    - Improved ultimate checks so you can no longer ultimate when dead (and the current heroes prevent ultimating between rounds too)
    - **Loads** of bug fixes (huge thanks to the community) and other minor improvements, which can all be seen through the [commit history]

    v 0.2.2.beta
    - Beta (check Github for changes)
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