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Author Topic: [Race] Corrupted Samus  (Read 7685 times)

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Re: [Race] Corrupted Samus
« Reply #15 on: June 01, 2012, 11:58:49 PM »
it is not working anymore because the race property code contains more words than 512 :/ (the racealias')

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Re: [Race] Corrupted Samus
« Reply #16 on: October 12, 2017, 08:14:49 PM »
I love the race but this rework of it should in my opinion not have been approved at the time.
It happens that contributions by well known coders gets approved because everyone assume there are no mistakes which is one of the habits that has been the cause of WCS dying out faster than it should have, that being said, I just went through the race and during that I found the following things listed below.

Skill 1: Beam Cannon
In the racealias racealias_10in1 you have an error causing racealias_samus4 never to be executed.
Reason for this is the following:
if (server_var(wcs_dice) <=80)

needs to be:
if (server_var(wcs_dice) <= 80)

of the chances, meaning racealias_samus4 will never be executed.

For not to mention the Beam Cannon skill on it's own is completely messed up with the chances.
Since you only want one effect to happen at once then there shouldn't be so many of these checks that allows for overlapping.
I'll post it here so you can see that the second row of checks are a complete mess.
if (server_var(wcs_dice) >= 20) then if (server_var(wcs_dice) <= 50) then wcs_xalias racealias_samus3
if (server_var(wcs_dice) >= 30) then if (server_var(wcs_dice) <= 80) then wcs_xalias racealias_samus4
if (server_var(wcs_dice) >= 40) then if (server_var(wcs_dice) <= 90) then wcs_xalias racealias_samus5
if (server_var(wcs_dice) >= 50) then if (server_var(wcs_dice) <= 90) then wcs_xalias racealias_samus6
if (server_var(wcs_dice) >= 60) then if (server_var(wcs_dice) <= 70) then wcs_xalias racealias_samus7
if (server_var(wcs_dice) >= 70) then if (server_var(wcs_dice) <= 80) then wcs_xalias racealias_samus8
if (server_var(wcs_dice) <= 90) then if (server_var(wcs_dice) >= 80) then wcs_xalias racealias_samus9

Also plasma beam and it's features of setting someone on fire is not within the skill 1, but apparently is triggered in skill 2: status effects as shown below:
   setting = "es_xset beam_chance .7|es_xset beam_chance 1.4|es_xset beam_chance 2.1|es_xset beam_chance 2.8|es_xset beam_chance 3.5|es_xset beam_chance 4.2|es_xset beam_chance 4.9|es_xset beam_chance 5.6|es_xset beam_chance 6.3|es_xset beam_chance 7"
   cmd = "if (server_var(wcs_dice) <= server_var(beam_chance)) then wcs_xalias racealias_5in1"
   sfx = ""
racealias_5in1 = "if (server_var(wcs_dice) <= 10) then wcs_xalias racealias_samus5;........"
racealias_samus5 = "es wcs_setfx burn event_var(userid) = 1 3;es_tell event_var(userid) #multi #lightgreenYou have been #greenBurned;es_tell event_var(attacker) #multi #lightgreenYou have #greenBurned #lightgreenYour enemy;wcs_xalias racealias_samus5fx"
racealias_samus5fx = "es_getplayerlocation wcs_x2 wcs_y2 wcs_z2 event_var(userid);es est_effect 10 #a 0 sprites/lgtning.vmt server_var(wcs_x2) server_var(wcs_y2) server_var(wcs_z2) 6 3000 .5 50 100 8 255 55 0 255 10"

Skill 2: Status effect
The steal armor part in racealias_samus9 the target's armor is being reduced instantly and not over time.

Skill 3: Phazon Suit
Is said to give speed and health in the descriptions in the race, but gives neither of these, but does however give the longjump and the infinite amount of nades.

Skill 5: Grapple Beam
30 yard range??? This part of the code is missing as there are no range checks or anything, this happens regardless of distance between you and your target.

Skill 6: Bounty Hunter
Notable but not necessarily an error; Corrupted samus will ONLY receive 50 health upon KILLING someone with a headshot.

Skill 8: Phazon
if (event_var(es_userdead) = 1) then es_stopsound server_var(samus) weapons/physcannon/energy_sing_loop4.wav
This deathcheck will not be working seeing as ultimates uses server_var(wcs_userid), which might be the reason for the sing loop to be continuing on most servers, even after death.

I would suggest adding this to the deathcmd instead since the user will not be able to use the ultimate whilst being dead either way.

Beam chance is supposed to be doubled, but apparently it is almost quadrabled, seeing as beam_chance is set to 27 rather than 14.
Also the bonus is toggled on, when the player EXITS phazon mode. So entering and then leaving it will cause the player to be way stronger than before he entered and left phazon mode.
es_xset beam_chance 27

That is just hypoteticly speaking though, because the way beam_chance is set here, it will not influence the attacker skill, seeing as the beam_chance written in the setting skill
will be overwriting this everytime you attack, hence right now the ultimate doesn't actually double or almost quadrable your damage at all.
It simply gives you more ammo and makes you run faster.

And then there's the general uninfluential errors here and there with unnessecary expansions, but nothing that really impacts the race on it's own.
I like the race though and always have, but just like Holliday I have not seen it work on any server for years now.  :(
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