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Warcraft:Source - Orange Box (Python Edition)



  1. Extract requirements into cstrike folder
  2. Extract wcs zip content into cstrike folder and add folowing code to cfg/autoexec.cfg: es_load wcs


- Edit wcs settings: addons/eventscripts/wcs/config/config.cfg (generated after 1st load of wcs)
- Edit races, items & categories: addons/eventscripts/wcs/ini/
- Edit ultimates: addons/eventscripts/wcs/tools/ultimates/

For more info on WCS, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) before asking around in forums.

Version v0.78.5g.4g:
    [Added] tools/firefix (auto loaded) (By: La Muerte)
    [Added] new ward, explosion, swarm of locust and chainlightning effects (Author: Jareth & Holliday)
    [Fixed] weapon restrictions with new syntax (Requires wcs_restriction.smx - Author: Revan)
    [Fixed] env_smokestack and env_explosion to work without SPE. (By: La Muerte)
    [Fixed] changerace: change round in strings.ini (By: La Muerte)
    [Fixed] to save user on disconnect (By: Tha Pwned)
    [Fixed] wcs_cfg_enableshopmenu "0" to also affect wcsmenu (By: Tha Pwned)
    [Fixed] allraces getting called before it was defined in core/changerace (By: Tha Pwned)
    [Fixed] issue with popup causing crashes in (By: Tha Pwned)
    [Fixed] mysql timeout issue where pipeline would be broken in addons/mysql_connection (By: Tha Pwned)
    [Fixed] swarm of locust in crypt lord (By: MiB)
    [Fixed] maximumlevel (By: La Muerte)
    [Removed] addons/backups
    [Removed] tools/autokick_disabler
    [Removed] addons/match