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Author Topic: [Predz Section] Eventscripts Addons  (Read 2105 times)

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[Predz Section] Eventscripts Addons
« on: October 24, 2011, 07:57:17 PM »
Eventscript Addons

As you may already know I am not the best with the Python version of Eventscripts however I have been learning it recently and so can do most stuff with the standard eventscript commands and modules. In this Section this will give you a link to all my most recent addons and the most recent version of them whether this be in Python or ES Classic. If any of you who can write in Python and want to transfer the addon to that format then please do so, I will give you credit for your work but please do not post it as your own; or I wont be very happy.

Anyway feel free to use all my addons as you like. Remember some of my addons work as a Addon for WCS, others just need to be dragged and dropped into eventscripts. I will tell you this when I upload the addon.

Current Addons for WCS
+ WCS Killstreaks v2.00
+ WCS League Match v0.1
+ WCS Race Admin

Current Addons for ES Standalone
+ Assists v1.02
+ Killstreaks [Python] v0.1

None of my Addons require for you to download a specific file for them all to work, so just use them when and where you like.

Thank You and Enjoy

Predz :)

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