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Author Topic: [ZRiot] WCS|Custom Zombie Abilities|Valiant-Gaming  (Read 1340 times)

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[ZRiot] WCS|Custom Zombie Abilities|Valiant-Gaming
« on: April 01, 2015, 09:43:44 PM »

20 days, with each day becoming more difficult. Each day has its own zombie skin, each zombie skin has been given a WCS skill and effect that matches the skin.. 

For example the Spitter round is a model from L4D2. We use the WCS and have given the model the ability to spit acid at you. We have spiders that hiss and climb walls, smokers that grab you and even theron guards that randomly teleport across the map. Its a blast!

We also offer whats called Ascendance. If you are able to get any race to level 500 in our public racelist, we will build you your very own custom race.

Server Wide Bonus:
Every 20 levels on a race gives you 1% bonus damage for that race. Only a races level will affect it, not your total level or any other race.

How to Ascend:
Once you reach level 500 on a race, you will be given the option to ascend. This means that you will be able to have a race made for you that is very similar to the leveled race, but it is more powerful.

Benefits of Ascension:
Ascendant races can have an extra ability or have the current abilities boosted and (if you choose) different visual effects. Abilities will be roughly 10% more powerful (weaker races will be increased more), or maybe you want to make one specific ability more powerful. Some races may have a boost and an extra ability, this depends on how bad or weak the leveled race is. Strong races will get less of a boost.

Only you have access to your ascendant, unless another person ascends the same race and wants the same changes as you did. Ascendants are not purchasable. Ascendant races can not re-ascend.

All ascendants will try to be balanced as much as possible and be about as powerful as each other no matter how strong the original race was.

Some exceptionally weaker races may get an additional slight boost as a reward for leveling such a weak race.

Variant Ascendants:
The types of improvements or changes are largely up to the person who chose to ascend. You could have you race half or more different but its theme must always be related to the leveled race. For example, the Undead Scourge race is very, very broad (its an undead army) and it is supposed to represent the whole of the scourge somehow. If you search up or already know a little about the scourge (Warcraft Lore), you could choose to be a powerful abomination, a swift and merciless geist, a howling banshee, a gargoyle, a lich, a necromancer, a death knight, a frostwyrm, etc..

Our racelist
[Bot Race]
[Undead Scourge]
[Human Alliance]
[Orcish Horde]
[Night Elves]
[Blood Mage]
[Archmage Proudmoore]
[Shadow Hunter]
[Crypt Lord]
[Flame Predator]
[Succubus Hunter]
[Uteri - The water runner]
[Finger mage]
[Fire Scout]
[Shadow Whisper]
[Oxiya - The Conqueror]
[Seyi The Witch]
[Azura - The champion slayer]
[Cerberus - Hells Hound]
[hell hunter]

## Custom Races Public with skins

[Artificial Intelligence]
[Undead Korin]
[Fattys Dog]
[Fattys Wife]

## Ascendant Races races players have created.

[(Ascendant) Spirit Beast]
[(Ascendant) Magmadar]
[(Ascendant) Nuclear Waste]
[(Ascendant) Toxic Cloud]

## Private Races

[Storm Cloud]
[Death Revenant]
[Lightning Revenant]
[Frost Revenant]
[Primordial Phoenix]
[Essence of Chaos]
[Essence of Creation]
[Glacial Fiend]

Come check out our server!!


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Re: [ZRiot] WCS|Custom Zombie Abilities|Valiant-Gaming
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2015, 06:15:34 AM »
Seems like solid and well planned server and gameplay, really exciting! :D
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Re: [ZRiot] WCS|Custom Zombie Abilities|Valiant-Gaming
« Reply #2 on: May 22, 2015, 09:44:15 AM »
its an awesome server!

nice work ocelot!

regards kiwi
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