July 19, 2018, 11:15:44 PM

Author Topic: [Release] Warcraft Source 0.78 for Counterstrike Source & Global Offensive  (Read 11048 times)

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Maybe a tiny change, but an actual very impactful one seeing as this will allow servers to run with a dota or league of legends like structure for their races.

For instance having Skill 1, skill 2 and skill 3 have 4 levels and ultimates having 3 levels. Or 10 levels and 3, whatever fits the server the most. I think this is great addition to the modification even though it might not appear as a biggy on the changelog it allows for a whole new concept for WCS, for those who would like to give that a go. :-)

I do have a request to this:
- Would it be possible to implement a feature allowing restrictions on leveling up a skill, saying that once you are level 8 you can put in one point in ultimate and the next time you can upgrade it will be at level 11, and the next time again would be at level 16? :-)

I know this is currently not supported, but if you could implement this is in an easy way that would not change the format that would be HUGE.  :)
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