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Author Topic: [CSS/CSGO] Warcraft: Source  (Read 896 times)

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[CSS/CSGO] Warcraft: Source
« on: November 19, 2018, 11:28:25 PM »
A certain someone once said: "So you should just copy paste it yourself eh". Said person, while correct, forced a certain someone else to do something one didn't want to.
TLDR: I posted this because La Muerte told me so.

Warcraft: Source (WCS) is a modification that has been around for a very long time, from the early days of EventScripts with version up to WCS 0.77 (by Kryptonite), an Orange-Box compatible version 0.78 (by me), a Source.Python-compatible version built on top of mine (updated by Kami), and the other versions that let go of the console-based system, and chose a pure Python approach such as: EventScripts Python version WCS:Python by Jeff91 and Freddukes, and Source.Python version Hero-Wars by Mahi, Kamiqawa, and Predz. My apologies if I've forgotten any.

What's new?
This may very well be yet another one to add to this list, so what's the difference? Well, this is a first where EventScripts (0.77 and earlier or 0.78) races and items and Python races and items (using EventScripts Python or Source.Python) will work together, with no difference other than how they're written. This allows you, the server owner, to choose from a wide array of races and items, and with the ability to install races and items directly on the server makes it easier than ever to install, update, and uninstall them.

Useful links
Source.Python release thread.
Installable contents.
A lot of other information.

You install it like any other Source.Python plugin but I've added a small guide here, and a bit more information to get you started.

Notes that might help you
  • Races and items that uses EventScripts commands or functions requires Ayuto's EventScripts Emulator.
  • If you are using races or items from 0.77 and earlier or 0.78, you have to load all separate files, that are required, manually.
  • There are currently a limited number of races and items available on the repository. Feel free to do a pull request on the repository with your races or items.
I appreciate any and all feedback on how to improve it (as long as it's constructive criticism), so feel free to come with some.
That's about all I have, so without making a super long post (and because I'm awful at this stuff), thanks for reading.
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Re: [CSS/CSGO] Warcraft: Source
« Reply #1 on: November 19, 2018, 11:31:57 PM »
Great work!
Anyways why you all code so late? Or early? Don't you guys sleep at all?
Sleep? What's that? Just put a wire up your arse and charge while you code during the night. Doesn't all do that, or is it just me??

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Re: [CSS/CSGO] Warcraft: Source
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bind <key> +ability does not work. Help to solve please :'(
Oops, need "bind <key>" +ability 1"
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Re: [CSS/CSGO] Warcraft: Source
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Moved this post to its own thread

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