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Author Topic: [Race Package] Classic Standard Races  (Read 459 times)

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[Race Package] Classic Standard Races
« on: July 28, 2020, 06:43:52 PM »
[Race Package]
- Classic Standard Races -

Installation Guide & Requirements:
All information about requirements and how to install this package can be found at the GitHub link below:

What is this package?
This is a content package for ThaPwned's version of Warcraft-Source.
The package contains multiple reworked/revamped races, a list of the races can be found on the package's GitHub page.

What do the reworks/remasters/revamps entail?
Every single of these races will:
- Have been rewritten to use the block format style.
- Have at least 1 visual effect per race.
- Have logging implemented for every event and skill used by the race.
- Have been balanced to somewhat align with my other released content.
- Sometimes have one or more bugs or errors fixed.

Reporting Bugs & Issues:
Have you found a bug, an error or, an issue while using this package?
Then please report your findings either here on this thread, or at Warcraft-Source Official Discord Server.
Alternatively, you can create an issue on the package's Github page.

NOTE: Please refrain from posting stuff that is already listed in the Known Bugs & Issues section on the package's GitHub page.

Updates & Support:
The reason why the race package has to be downloaded from GitHub is that I intend to provide long-term support on the released content.
If a bug, error, or issue is reported then I will test it, and create a solution.
A fix will then be added to the package and it will be uploaded and the version number will be updated.
To always stay up to date, I recommend joining the Official Warcraft-Source Discord.

Need help?
Are you experiencing trouble installing this package? Or just have questions you cannot find the answers to here?
If so then post a reply here, you can also join Warcraft-Source's Discord Server to get help faster.
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Re: [Race Package] Classic Standard Races
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Changelog: Version 1.0.1B
Date: 29.07-2020

Created the initial forum thread for the race package.

Changelog: Version 1.0.2B
Date: 01.08-2020

Undead Scourge
- Changed the skill description for Vampiric Aura to show the correct amount of health leeched.
- Changed the skill description for Suicide Bomber to reflect the correct range.

Human Alliance
- Changed the skill description for Invisibility to show the correct invisibility percentage.
- Changed the race's invisibility skill to now inform the player of his current invisibility percentage. 
- Corrected an error in the messages displayed to the player who got affected by Bash

Orcish Horde
- Fixed an error in the Reincarnation skill which caused the ressurection sound not to be played.
- Fixed an error that caused players to respawn with additional stats, due to some leftover code that wasn't removed.

Night Elves
- The evasion skill will now show the percentages of evasion chance the player has.

Blood Mage
- Fixed a message error in the Flame Strike skill.
- Fixed some errors in the Phoenix skill, and added a fix to prevent people from contineously respawning.

Crypt Lord
- Changed the skill description of Locust Swarm to fit with the actual cap at 250.
- Fixed an error in the code, which caused the stolen armor to always return a static amount, no matter the level.

Succubus Hunter
- Fixed a typo in the Tackle skill message.
- Fixed an error in the message causing the wcs_multiplier to become an absurdly long decimal number.

Thanks to Nosferatu - Lukas for finding and reporting most of these bugs.

Changelog: Version 1.0.3B
Date: 02.08-2020

Succubus Hunter
- Succubus Hunter will no longer lose all the collected skulls upon death, instead there will be 33% chance to lose one skull.
- Added a message to inform the player about how many skulls he has left whenever he loses a skull.
- Fixed a bug with the Transformation ultimate skill, where you could use it without it actually ever costing a skull.
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"BRAVORA: Bruh it is fucking operation crystal night when you are approving races."